The Complete Guide to Buy Android TV

Don’t you ever get confused when you go out in the market to buy something? If you don’t have enough knowledge about the thing that you want to buy then it can be a tough situation to come to any decision and it could be possible that you end up buying something that is old with features that are no longer fancy. Same goes for buying a new and trendy television and if you don’t have a proper guide to suggest what features are expected in smart TVs then you’ll be lost in the market. So here we with a guide to show you around the features that you should look for in your future smart TV.

It’s totally easy to get confused between the TV choices you have in front of you, after all, there are so many platforms that are made to enhance your visual experience with additional controls.

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There are so many TV platforms in the market like OLED, LED and Android TV that promise you lots of entertainment and best audio and visual quality. But you can’t buy each of them so definitely you need a path or benchmark on which you can put different smart TVs and buy the best one. Let us help you in sorting out the best smart TVs for you.

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Features That You Should Look For

  • Don’t go for less than an Ultra HD or 4K resolution TVs. HD TVs are no longer in trend and now there are TVs with a 4K resolution that will give much sharper and clear image.
  • You should also pay attention to the refresh rate of the TV. As normal TV would have a 60 Hz refresh rate but now manufacturers have increased it to 120 Hz to provide you with the much sharper picture.
  • OLED is popular and much promising then regular LCD, LED televisions. But you’ll have to pay more for an OLED TV.
  • Your TV should have at least four ports that can be used in the future if you want to play games or connect other equipment.

So those are some points that you should look for when you are planning to buy your smart TV. Now, we are suggesting you a good smart TV that is definitely worthy of your money. Let’s have a look.

Android TV~ Sony 65-inch A1 Bravia OLED

Sony has launched this TV with the whole package. You can’t find any other TV that is most suitable to support Android TV. This TV has marvelous picture quality with a decent sound system unlikely in other. Most of the TVs in this category lack the audio quality because of the absence of sound bar however, Sony made it innovative. It has sonic actuators instead of a sound bar on the back of the TV which gives you a perfect sound with amazing pictures which makes your TV experience much effective.

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It has got the slender design to fit your home with fantastic visual and audio quality. But you’ll have to spend a little bit of money but it’ll be worth for.


You can’t buy any new device without actually doing your homework. These types of guides will definitely help you in buying the best gadgets. And we hope that this guide must have helped you in choosing the right TV for your home that will be perfect for your future too. Read our blog for more articles like this.