Photo credit Nicholas van der Kolk

Nicholas van der Kolk

USA Collins Fellow
Media 2012 Berkeley,California

Nicholas van der Kolk creates audio documentaries for NPR's Snap Judgment as well as his own podcast, Love + Radio. He is also the co-founder of the Megapolis Audio Festival. Van der Kolk’s work features experimental sound design on an eclectic range of topics: a woman who gives away her life savings as an experiment; a pair of rogue taxidermists; and probably the only radio story involving Karl Rove, Motley Crue, and the mafia. In The Wisdom of Jay Thunderbolt, he profiles Detroit’s only stay-at-home strip-club manager. The piece won the Gold Prize for Best Documentary by the Third Coast International Audio Festival (2011), the first podcast to do so in the history of the competition.

Greenberg’s War, 2012; photo credit Adrianne Mathiowetz