Step-by-Step Guide to Disable Auto-App Update in Windows

With the increasing use of internet on all Windows pc, it is getting harder for Microsoft to ensure the security of all the machines on which windows is installed. It is very easy for users to skip the automatic app updates on all previous versions of windows and that is the main reason behind the loopholes in the majority of windows machines. After turning off the automatic update all the security patches and important security updates can’t be installed resulting in vulnerability for different viruses, malware, and other possible threats.

That’s why after taking important notes from previous mistakes Microsoft has removed the option of turning off the updates in the latest version of Windows 10 making it less vulnerable for different internet threats.

Evaluating the users’ problems of paid downloads and outdated updates from the Google Play Store, a quick fix was released in the form of a third party App Store in the form of Appvn APK. This android application accommodates users with the newest and unpaid updates of the famous games, apps, and movies, unlike the other play stores.

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What You Can Do To Deactivate Auto-app Update In Windows

As far as turning off the automatic updates are concerned big business enterprises using the LTSB edition of Windows 10 can turn off the automatic updates as per their convenience and in case any necessary updates are rolled out that will get the notifications accordingly so that they can install it in all the PCs of their organization. They also have the flexibility to postpone the updates for the indefinite period of time and schedule the updates to be completed when they’re not working on their systems.

Apart from big business organizations having all the liberty, there are professional versions and educational editions as well and even they also can delay the updates for an indefinite period unless all the updates are forcefully installed in their systems. Now when it comes to users of Windows 10 home edition then they are given very less control over all the automatic updates and even the apps they’ve installed from windows store. They simply can’t deny any automatic update and even can’t delay it as well.

The only option left for all windows 10 home edition users is that they can upgrade to pro version after spending $100 for it which is a pretty costly affair but helps in skipping the automatic updates for sure. In order to upgrade your normal Windows 10 edition to pro, just open “settings” then go to “system” and “about” and after that “change your product key or upgrade your edition of windows”.

After successfully upgrading your windows edition to pro, you first need to open the store, and then you can simply click on the icon that contains user info and then after click on “settings”. Now here you will find that the “app updates” section is editable and you can simply turn off the option “update apps automatically” which is by default grey in the normal home edition you’re previously using.

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Right now apart from upgrading your home edition into a pro, there are no other ways which you can use to turn off the automatic app updates in Windows 10. In case you desperately want to have all the control over app updates then you have to put an extra burden on your pocket. There are rumors that the latest upcoming updates of Windows 10 include the option to turn off the automatic updates, so let’s hope that Microsoft will provide an option to manage app updates in the home edition as well just like it provides in professional editions. Read our blog for more articles like this.