Easy Steps to Verify Time Machine Backup in Mac

Today almost everyone using computers are backing up their data after using several ways like external drives, cloud storages or also with the help of third-party apps. But only backing up your data is not enough when it comes to protecting some of the most important files and folders until you can restore all the files successfully after any certain problem with your Mac PC. You need to test your backup as well in regular intervals to make sure that you’re backing the right stuff which you need in future.

There are certain problems like the backup drive not working or your online iCloud account might have expired which may harm your data as well. So you can simply avoid these problems after proper testing of your backup in your Mac PC.

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How You Can Test a Time Machine Backup in Mac

Whenever you have to check for the latest and oldest backup in your Mac then you have to visit time machine control panel in your Mac, if you have connected your time machine with your Mac by default then your Mac backs up every hour but in case the external hard drive was not connected properly with your Mac or just failed to back up the data then you have to check and look for alternate solution so that you can catch the problem on time and never lose your important data.

However you have to reconnect your drive or you can even select a new drive as well if you want to fix this problem, just visit the time machine icon located on the menu bar and select the option “back up now”. After that please wait for few hours and then check whether the backup is completed successfully or not, if you manage to get the backup then you have to check it as well as it is working properly or not. Make sure to check the files and folders are backed up perfectly and for that, you don’t have to restore the whole data as it is a time-consuming process, alternatively, you can select random files and test their integrity.

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We suggest you choose those files which are crucial and you need them on high priority like your office project, financial data, and even your important emails or your personal photos and videos. Now you can make a folder on your desktop called tested files and restore all these random files on particular dates of past year, perhaps if you’re using Apple’s bundled programs then all your emails, contacts and photos get restored directly in that particular program and then you just have to enter the specific time machine when you’re using those programs to perform a test restore.

How You Can Test Other Backup Systems

However, if you’re not using a time machine to back up your data then probably you’re using any cloud-based service, in any particular cloud-based utility the restore procedure is different for each program. While restoring your backup with this procedure you need to select all the crucial files which you need to restore, you can use the same procedure used while choosing files in a time machine. You can pick up a few random files along with dates like your crucial emails and contacts; if you’re using a third-party program then you need to restore the entire database in some cases. But we recommend using a time machine and online backup service as you can easily backup random files with the help of these services.

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We want to conclude here that only backups are not important until you have the confidence to restore them successfully, so you have to test your backup at regular intervals. There are several ways available to back up your important data in Mac-like a time machine, iCloud services, and even the third-party apps, but it is important to use trusted methods like a time machine and Apple’s iCloud as you can simply select random files and don’t have to restore the whole backup. You might test the backup every month or at least twice a year, as with regular testing you can say that you’re backing up the data quite successfully without any data loss. Read our blog for more articles like this.